Master of Speed William Lok on Life in the Fast Lane (October, 2017 GAFENCU )

William Lok speaks about racing and the recent Le Mans victory

WIN Motorsport founder William Lok has driven his team to a regional Le Mans victory, and he doesn’t plan on slowing down now. As a professional racing driver, he founded WIN Motorsport, the first Hong Kong racing team to win a regional Le Mans Prototype championship.

What was your first time behind the wheel like?

I was 14 years old. I had a job as a paperboy in Canada and I made the rounds by bike in the summer. When it got to be winter it wasn’t so pleasant, so I started stealing my mom’s car. It took a quarter of the time, and for the rest of my shift, I’d take her car for a couple spins. One morning I came home as usual and she was standing in the garage.

We struck a deal that if she allowed me to take my driver’s exam on my 16th birthday [the legal age in Canada], I wouldn’t steal her car anymore. She agreed, and on the morning of my sweet 16, I got my driver’s licence.

Once you started (legally) driving, how did you break into racing?

My mother moved back to Hong Kong when I was 17, which gave me the freedom to start learning about racing. One day I walked into a garage to ask for a job, and one of the guys asked, ‘What are you good at?’ I said, ‘I don’t know, I just love cars. If you let me touch a car I’ll be happy.’

So I started working there as apprentice to the mechanic. After a couple years, the boss of the garage recommended that I go to Portland’s International Raceway for a track day. So I went down there and met one of the instructors, a BMW North America champion.

He taught me proper racing techniques, and at 19, I was offered entry to the BMW North America Junior Programme. The problem was that I didn’t have enough money to join. Working part-time and studying was already taking up a lot of my hours, and back in those days, my wages just weren’t enough to cover the cost.

I didn’t even talk to my mom about it because I grew up in a single-parent family, and a very traditional Chinese one at that – my mom didn’t consider sports a career. After that, I didn’t think about racing anymore. I graduated, moved back to Hong Kong, started my own trading company and became a normal businessman.

So what rekindled your dream of becoming a racing driver?

Timing and fate. The end of 2008 was the global financial crisis, so business was not going well for anyone. My companies weren’t doing too bad, but there simply wasn’t enough work for me. To fill my free time, I decided to enter an amateur race in Zhuhai. I hadn’t driven a car on any track for 18 years, let alone that particular track.

That day, I broke the Geely touring car challenge lap record for the track. I thought to myself, ‘If I haven’t driven in 18 years but I can break a lap record, there must still be something there.’

After that, I decided to start doing amateur racing as a hobby. I didn’t do well at first – for a whole year I couldn’t even break into the top 10 of a race. But in 2010 I competed in a GT race and finished on the podium. Standing on that podium made me smile and gave me a feeling I hadn’t experienced since before my mother’s death from cancer in 2004.

Her last words to me were, ‘I’m not asking you to be the most successful man in the world. I just want you to be healthy and, most importantly, happy.’ If my mother could see me now – the fact that I’m doing well professionally and writing history for Hong Kong and Chinese people in motorsports – I think she would be proud of me. Every time I win a race, the first thing I do is kiss my mother’s ring to thank her.

You’ve certainly made many motorsport fans in Hong Kong proud. How did your career progress from there?

After winning a few GT races at a competitive level in Asia, I decided to try something with more down-force – we’re talking about the Formula and Le Mans prototypes. When I told one of my friends, he jokingly said to me, ‘Bro, you’re like 40 and you’re trying to graduate to more down-force? The kids are 14 at those races!’ But I figured if I never tried, I would never know. I knew I wouldn’t be a Formula One driver, but who says I’m not a Le Mans driver? Who says I can’t do Indy? I’m happy I went for it, and I’ve worked very hard to make it a reality.

Looking back at what I’ve achieved so far, it’s nothing huge but it’s a good start, and I’m going to keep dreaming bigger. One very important thing in motorsports is that there’s no best – there’s only better. I’ve got to strive for better every time, even if I win a race by a minute, two minutes or five minutes. Being on the podium is nice, but coming in second means you’re the first loser. That’s the ego you need to have to be a champion driver.

Just four months after founding WIN Motorsport, your team went on to win the Asian Le Mans Sprint Cup 2017. How did you feel in that moment?

For me to have a team that just formed this year, and to start in the Sprint Cup and walk away with four pole positions, five wins in six races and one spot on the podium – it’s quite amazing honestly. I can’t thank the team more.

To be able to achieve something like that in the first season is astonishing. But again, we strive for perfection and there’s still a lot more we can improve upon.

My feelings that day were mixed, though. Two weeks before the race, my godmother in Vancouver – who cared for me after my mother returned to Hong Kong – became very ill when her cancer relapsed. I went to Canada to say goodbye, and from the burial service I flew directly back to Hong Kong to compete the next day. It was difficult, but I just took all that energy and put it towards winning the race for her.

I shed quite a few tears when I learned I had sealed the championship. It was an emotional moment. On top of that, carrying the Hong Kong flag on an international stage and showing people that I come from a city where there’s no race track – not even a go-kart track – made me proud to be a Hong Konger, a Chinese and an Asian in motorsports.

How did you meet your girlfriend, actress Christine Kuo?

We actually bonded over racing. We have a lot of mutual friends, and each time we met she wanted to know more about the sport. We are currently training her as a development driver, and when we got her on the track we were surprised by her calmness. It’s rare to see that. Motorsports may be male-dominated, but any woman can do it. It just so happens that more men are participating in the sport. But if anything, women drivers are calmer and may even make better decisions.

It’s amazing to see an Asian woman take an interest in racing – especially Christine, a former beauty pageant queen and actress who’s not really the sporty type. Where else can you find such an extraterrestrial beauty who loves racing? I never believed I could find someone like her. I thank my mother for sending an angel from heaven.

There are rumours that you might propose soon. Is it true?

We plan to get married. We want to spend the rest of our lives together, whatever we do. We just need to find the right time. She dealt with some sickness, but now she’s bouncing back in her industry and getting very busy. I’m also racing more and getting tremendously busy. I am only going to propose once in my life, and I’m only going to get married once in my life, so we need to plan it carefully rather than be bound by a timeline. When people ask if we’re engaged, I say, “We haven’t made it official, but in our hearts – yes, for sure.” Everything else is a matter of gesture.

When you want to slow things down, what do you do to relax?

Anything with sunshine and a beach. I don’t even need a mojito – I just need a glass of watermelon juice and I’ll be happy to chill with friends, family or my girlfriend. To me, that’s a perfect day.

What’s the next big championship or goal for you?

The next big goal is winning the Asian Le Mans (endurance) Series this winter to gain entry to the Le Mans 24 Hours endurance race. I prefer endurance races because it’s a total team effort, and no one is less than anyone else on the team.

We’re like a family – we play pranks on each other. On the birthday of our chief driver and coach, Richard Bradley, we tied him to a chair on the track and dumped ice water on him. That’s what we do when we’re not racing. But when we’re on the track, we’re so focused that we can’t hear anything except racing language.

I want to lead the first Hong Kong team with a Hong Kong driver to a Le Mans victory. Right now the only Hong Kong driver to make it to the Le Mans podium drives a GT. It’s still a very good achievement, but I want to win it in a Le Mans prototype, because that’s what that race is designed for.

My goal is to outdo myself every time I hit the track. I’ll do better than the last race, have a quicker lap time or do a longer stint with more consistent driving. I like to challenge myself.

Thank you.


Text: Emily Petsko
Photos: Neville Lee
Art Direction: San Wong
Video: Johnny Yau


一颷賽車 WIN Motorsport 勇奪亞洲勒芒衝刺盃年度總冠軍 (August 21, 2017

香港車隊一颷賽車 WIN Motorsport 今日在馬來西亞雪邦國際賽車場上取得第一個盃賽總冠軍,由車隊創辦人兼主車手陸漢洋以精湛技術獨力完成最後一場的兩節賽事,為車隊奠定「亞洲勒芒衝刺盃」總冠軍殊榮。

星期六即最終回的首場賽事,一颷賽車 WIN Motorsport 主車手陸漢洋和安德魯斯(Scott Andrews)在長達5.543公里的一級方程式賽道上表現出色,從第一桿位起步一直領先至終點,成功奪冠。而成立車隊僅四個月的陸漢洋亦榮登車手積分榜榜首,成為第一位贏得洲際LMP衝刺盃冠軍的華人車手。

已將賽事兩項殊榮納入囊中的一颷賽車 WIN Motorsport,本對最後一場比賽充滿信心,卻因安德魯斯生病而出現變數。安德魯斯懷疑染上登革熱發高燒,陸漢洋獨自肩負起奪冠的重任,在酷熱而潮濕的馬來西亞展開長達一小時的耐力賽,而一颷賽車 WIN Motorsport 亦因更換車手而被罰在最後起步。比賽一開始,陸漢洋憑藉驚人的爆發力,不斷超越前車,比賽僅進行了10分鐘已奪得領先位置。最後以1分多鐘的優勢衝過終點,向所有人證明一颷賽車 WINMotorsport 經已是亞洲車壇不可忽視的新勢力。

一颷賽車 WIN Motorsport 自四月成立以來便在亞洲和海外打好基礎,五月時先於馬來西亞贏得亞洲勒芒衝刺盃的揭幕戰雙冠軍,亦在勒芒24小時耐力賽前哨戰—Road to Le Mans(短途國際盃)賽事中與國際強敵對戰,以前十名完成賽事。

一颷賽車 WIN Motorsport語錄:
陸漢洋:「贏得亞洲勒芒衝刺盃對一颷賽車 WIN Motorsport而言是一件非常激動的事,而我則對能夠獨力完成兩節賽事,並成功從隊尾追趕至衝線的過程感到好感恩。我很自豪能夠成為第一位贏得洲際衝刺盃賽事的LMP華人車手。在沒有賽車場的香港成立新車隊,在如此短促的時間內集合國際級團隊,五月才開始參加比賽,到現在贏得頂級亞洲賽事總冠軍,意義非凡。我非常感謝一颷賽車 WIN Motorsport,團隊經理Steward Wild,工程師Reece Byrne,首席機械師Sjoerd Wolters以及每位辛苦付出的成員。」


一颷賽車 WIN Motorsport 車隊經理Stewart Wild:「我為車隊和每位自車隊成立以來艱辛付出的成員感到無比自豪。作為一支新車隊,我們一直以參加高水準賽事並做出好成績為目標,現在首個目標經已達到。我們從一開始便希望能捧走亞洲勒芒衝刺盃的獎盃,現在我們將為10月的亞洲勒芒系列賽作準備,希望能回饋香港和亞洲的車迷。」

10月27-29日 / 第一回合 / 珠海國際賽車場 / (中國)
12月1-3日 / 第二回合 / 富士國際賽車場 / (日本)
1月11-13日 / 第三回合 / 武里南國際賽車場 / (泰國)
2月2-4日 / 第四回合 / 雪邦國際賽車場 / (馬來西亞)


港車手陸漢洋揚威大馬 (21 August, 2017 星島日報)



Win Motorsport announce arrival at Asian Le Mans Sprint Cup Championship (20 August, 2017 SCMP)

William Lok and Scott Andrews make their mark as team prove they are a formidable new force just four months after formation

Win Motorsport drivers William Lok and Scott Andrews and the team put in a faultless performance on the 5.543km, F1-standard track to win the penultimate round of the series from pole to flag, locking in the team championship with an unassailable points lead.

At the same time Lok, who formed the team just four months ago, secured the Drivers’ Championship and became the first Chinese driver to win a regional LMP Sprint Cup title.

Win Motorsport has dominated this weekend’s season finale so far, topping the time sheets in both of Friday’s free practice sessions before snatching pole position for both of the weekend’s hour-long races, team owner and driver Lok taking his first career LMP3 pole position in the process.

Taking the wheel of the Ligier JS P3 LMP3 for the opening stint in Round 5 was 26-year-old Andrews, who led the field away and immediately set about building up a strong lead at the front. Lok took over driving duties at the halfway mark and was immediately on the power, setting a cracking pace and thundering triumphantly across the line to win both the race and the championship. It was Scott’s first LMP victory, and the young driver was full of praise for the newly formed team.

Watch: Win Motorsport take victory in the Asian Le Mans Sprint Cup

From its formation in April, Win Motorsport immediately made their mark both in Asia and beyond, winning the opening rounds of the Asian Le Mans Sprint Cup in Malaysia in May, before taking a top 10 finish among a strong, international field in the highly-respected Road to Le Mans race on the undercard of the iconic Le Mans 24 Hours.

Win Motorsport has one final round of the 2017 Asian Le Mans Sprint Cup on Sunday but, having already sealed both the Team and Driver titles today, the champagne will continue to flow long after the podium celebrations are over.

Lok said: “To start a new team in Hong Kong where there are no race tracks, put together a world class team in such a short time, start racing in May and then straight away win a prestigious regional championship is really special.

“I can’t thank Win Motorsport enough; our team manager Stewart Wild; race engineer Reece Byrne; Sjoerd Wolters our lead mechanic; and everyone involved in and around the team.

“The last three minutes of that race felt like a year, but we have won the championship and I am the first Hong Kong driver to win a regional LMP series.”



Hong Kong’s WIN Motorsport took its third Asian Le Mans Sprint Cup overall victory at the Sepang International Circuit after a wheel-perfect Race 2 saw team principal and driver William Lok cross the line with a massive advantage of more than a lap.

Lok made it win number three for the team he formed just six months ago, strengthening their grasp on their Asian Le Mans Sprint Cup title bid and showing once again the new LMP3 outfit is a true force to be reckoned with. WIN Motorsport now has a strong advantage at the top of the championship leaderboard with just two races to go of the 2017 Sprint Cup season.

While Lok, Rizzo and the entire WIN Motorsport squad put in faultless performances in Race 2 to claim the win, it was an eventful weekend which required maximum attack.

Speaking about the win, William lok: “With three Asian Le Mans Series wins and a podium in four races, WIN Motorsport is right on track in our debut season. We’re learning fast and have already proved we are strong championship contenders. When faced with setbacks, we react with more pace, tighter cohesion, greater commitment. Adversity just makes us stronger as we’ve demonstrated this weekend. My thanks to the whole WIN Motorsport team.”

Saturday’s Race 1 brought a number of challenges which the team pulled together to overcome, returning for Race 2 with a vengeance that resulted in a dominant win.

Race 1 saw WIN Motorsport claim second place after an outstanding fightback. The team was leading the race overall until the closing minutes when a late-race drive through penalty dealt a cruel blow. However, such was the margin of their advantage that even a trip to pit lane only saw them drop one place.

“I’m very happy with the weekend. We were by far the quickest car on track,” said Davide Rizzo. We had the consistently good pace needed for endurance racing. The car was great, and the WIN Motorsport team did a fantastic job.”

After a strong qualifying session, Lok took the first stint in the #1 Ligier JS P3 LMP3 from the front row of the grid. However, the chaotic start saw him pushed down the order and then frustrated by his two slower rivals in front.  Determined to find a way past, on Lap 5 Lok made a dive on the inside to pass the pair and claim the lead, but he was clipped into a spin.

Lok managed to get the car going again and into the pits. After a rapid damage assessment by the team, the WIN Motorsport LMP3 was back out on track, albeit at the back of the pack and a lap down. As Lok began the fightback, the Safety Car was called out after another car hit the barriers. That closed up the field but, more importantly, allowed Lok to pit and hand the car to Rizzo, who rejoined the field at the back but – crucially – now on the same lap.

As the Safety Car pulled off, Rizzo was flying at the restart. In a charge that was nothing short of heroic, the masterful Italian rocketed into the race lead, building up an impressive advantage.

However, WIN Motorsport’s aspirations for a third consecutive win were dealt another blow when, with just minutes remaining on the clock, the team was handed a drive through penalty for the earlier incident involving Lok. Rizzo continued to push to the max though, and held on to second and a healthy championship points haul for the team.

With their determination undiminished despite the frustrations of Race 1, WIN Motorsport returned to the Malaysian F1 track the next day on fighting form. This time it was Rizzo who took the first stint, blasting away from the rolling start to pull out a healthy lead and handing the car to Lok mid-way with an impressive margin. Lok once again put in a masterful performance to bring the car home and claim the team’s third win in four races.

The six-race, three-round Asia Le Mans Sprint Cup resumes next month for the season finale from August 18-20, once again at the Sepang International Circuit.  As championship leaders going in to the final double-header, WIN Motorsport will be determined to secure the Sprint title in preparation for its entry in the 2017-2018 Asian Le Man Series, set to begin in October.


Race to Le Mans 陸漢洋 (June, 2017 Capital CEO)

為了夢想,你可以去到幾盡?這句說話,近年人人都在說,但結果如何?香港職業賽車手陸漢洋(William)卻是切切實實的執行者,由企業家到「超齡」車手,至蜚聲亞洲車壇,再飛越Le Mans,一步一腳印朝夢想進發。



自強不息 後來居上

「我小時候已很喜歡賽車,19歲時更偷偷去了美國考賽車牌,當時考官讚我很有潛質,BMW North America Young Drivers Programme亦收了我,但到回家時,仍在完全沒有問過家人的情況下就放棄了,心想這根本是沒有可能的事。」如是者讀到大學,腦海中一直沒有出現任何賽車的影。「後來回港發展,到媽媽因病去世,我整個人都失魂落魄,像迷失了一樣。一直以來,我都很努力工作,主要是為了以慰媽媽在天之靈,但自己一直都找不到滿足感,做得很不開心。後來我記起她說過的一句話,她說,最重要是自己開心。由此我突然省悟,開始努力追求自己的夢想,成為賽車手。」我們在他的辦公室內展開對話,期間留意到牆上掛了一幅字畫:「自強不息」,正正就是他在過去多年以來在賽車場上的最佳寫照。




對賽車,他展示了個人的天賦,但年紀卻是最大敵人。「我很慶幸遇上人生中的伯樂,他就是歐洲法拉利御用F3車隊Perma Power的車隊技術工程師兼經理、訓練員Davide Degobbi。當時我就問他,我將近40歲了,還可以做職業賽車手嗎?他說,我缺乏的是經驗、技術及賽車知識,而以我這個年紀,想駕駛法拉利一級方程式賽車是沒可能的,但若果想參加亞洲區內的房車賽、世界賽、跑車賽,卻沒問題。於是就開始努力朝這個目標進發,專程飛往英國找世界冠軍級人馬教我駕車技術,慢慢進步起來,亦成為林寶堅尼官方車手,代表車隊參加亞洲挑戰賽,之前又去瑞典進行冰上駕駛集訓,結果取得為一冠、二亞及三季成績,為車隊搶得不少積分。」



2013年,他以第4名成績完成賽季,他對此成績感到不滿,繼續發奮向上,結果在翌年取得總冠軍銜頭,更被西班牙國際級房車車隊相中,參加WTTC世界房車錦標賽。「完成2014年的賽季後,我決定再進一步,參加亞洲勒芒短途賽(Asian Le Mans Sprint Cup)的LMP2原型車級別,那是勒芒的亞洲版,上季取得一季一亞,由於我認為自己的能力未足以駕駛LMP2,於是今季降級至LMP3組別。」

事實上,對車手而言,若專注單一車種,不是更易取得佳績?因為每次轉車種,都是新挑戰,新的合作團隊、新技術、新經驗,為何仍偏向難度挑戰?「沒錯,技術上的要求、難度,是只會越來越高,但我就是喜歡向難度挑戰。對我而言,萬一放慢了腳步,停下來,就是退步了。我是一步一步地作出新嘗試,不斷試水溫,往往是覺得自己有機會,才會去做。」但這份勇氣及衝勁何來?「我確實是喜歡冒險,但不會盲木地去攀登珠穆朗馬峰,因此往往要視乎自己能否有機會做到,我是dream a real dream,當衡量其中的可能性後,若覺得是做到的,就去想辦法,將可能性變成機會,並牢牢抓住,因為我總是相信,機會只會留給有準備的人。」


亞洲勒芒短途賽目前已在馬來西亞完成了第一回合,陸漢洋及其自家經營的車隊WIN Motorsport(一賽車)亦成功在該回合中連奪兩冠,餘下還有多場賽事,若果成為賽季總冠軍車手,將獲得舉世聞名,法國勒芒24小時耐力賽的參賽資格。


對他而言,其實勒芒,並不遙遠。去年他便參加了法國勒芒24小時耐力賽的熱身戰——世界盃短途賽(Road to Le Mans),亦是首位華人參與該項比賽。「在比賽前不久,我的左腳膝頭剛做了半月板手術,臨出發前,更要香港奧運代表隊的骨科專家張維醫生在膝頭上打了3支消炎針,才勉強可以比賽,全程比賽都感到很辛苦,一直都在標冷汗。基於腳傷,亦因為是首次參加賽事,故此我早已預料,應該不會取得太好的成績,結果在38架參賽車中,最後取得第19名成績。」


May 31

推香港賽車運動向全世界 陸漢洋有心 唔怕起步遲 (May 31, 2017 香港文匯報)

■短短7年間陸漢洋以出色的表現奠定自己亞洲一流車手的地位。香港文匯報記者郭正謙 攝
■短短7年間陸漢洋以出色的表現奠定自己亞洲一流車手的地位。香港文匯報記者郭正謙 攝

香港文匯報訊(記者 郭正謙)在運動的世界,年齡往往是最可怕的敵人,年過30在大部分體育的領域已是黃昏階段,更遑論在這個年齡踏上起跑線,不過對賽車的熱誠和堅持,令陸漢洋挑戰了這個「不可能的任務」,不僅以44歲之齡繼續以職業車手的身份活躍於國際車壇,更以打造首支全「本土」車隊為目標,將香港的賽車運動推向全世界。






上年國際電動方程式大獎賽(Formula E)在香港破天荒舉行並引起全城熱話,陸漢洋表示從當中看到香港賽車運動發展的可能性:「在香港,賽車往往會被形容為『玩車』或『飛車』,但經過了上年的Formula E,有不少人重新認識到賽車運動可以是非常專業及認真,當然我們還只是在起步,但我想去做的就是一步步去將賽車運動推廣開去。」





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